Thursday, April 22, 2010

Grow up

I was listening to a conservative talk radio program where the topic was about the Government now trying to limit the amount of sodium that food manufacturers put in food. Just one more area where the government is trying to control our lives. A lot of liberals call into these programs. One woman was all for government intervention into our eating habits saying that people needed Government to help us so we would not eat ourselves to death. She said she is sick of watching everyone's poor eating habits. Another caller, a black male, stated that the government was just trying to help the people and keep them healthy. Now, I don't know at what point these people got the idea that the government is supposed to parent them but, I am an adult. I don't need a government watchdog to tell me what I can eat. Where will the control stop? What is next? Will the Government also try to tell us what to wear, what to drive, what to think? That is a parent's responsibility to an underage child, not the Government's control over free thinking people. Liberal Democrats want that control, they want Government intervention, they want the Government to take care of them. Grow up and be responsible for yourself. We need to limit Government and limit Government intrusion into our lives. This is after all America, Land of the Free.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Why is he President

We already know why Obama was elected President. It was his charismatic speeches and promises of change. It was the fulfullment of the dreams of Blacks in America to finally have a President of Color, to finally have a President whom they felt would represent them and make them feel equal. But how did a Freshman Senator with no experience and with tenuous ties to Muslim and Black extremists become the Democratic candidate in the first place. How did someone who would not pass the background check, if he applied to the FBI or any other law enforcement agency get chosen to represent the Democratic Party? Maybe I read too many Fictional novels and watch too many movies about conspiracy, but the candidacy of Barack Hussein Obama leads to more questions than answers and we should all ask ourselves, WHY is he there?

Friday, April 16, 2010

Fair Tax

Republican Congressman Kevin Brady has proposed a "Fair Tax" Plan in lieu of an income tax. Under the "Fair Tax", There would not be any income tax, instead a tax of 22% to 24% would be added to all consumer purchases. Under this plan everyone, including illegal aliens would be contributing with every purchase made. While this all sounds good, I am leery of this idea, after all, americans are hardwired to looking for the better deals and the sales when they shop. If a substantial tax is added to all purchases, in the mind of budget conscious consumers, that equates to a higher price for that item and consumers will cut their spending. That in turn will affect all aspects of capitalism and our economy. Also what about those consumers who use credit cards? Interest on Credit Cards have skyrocketed. What if something happens and the consumer defaults on the credit card. That means taxes, like credit card bills, go unpaid. Also, as we all know, taxes will increase, so we may start out with everyone paying 22%, but somewhere down the road, a politician will decide that it is not enough. 20 years from now, that "Fair Tax", may go up to 50%. In that scenario, consumers may stop consuming at all, except for bare neccessities. We need to change the tax code and limit the government, but I'm not sure that an additional sales tax is the way to do it. As for the illegal aliens that are not paying taxes. Take away their free medical, take away their foodstamps Arrest, detain and deport is the only answer to that problem. They are here illegally, they have no rights.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Illegal Aliens

Recently, Harris County has been sued by an illegal alien because he was arrested and jailed under suspicion of causing an accident that killed a Harris County Sheriff's Deputy. He alleges that he was held in jail for too long after it was discovered that the officer was driving drunk and he was innocent. The key word here is "illegal", he should of been held in jail regardless of his guilt or innocence in the officer's death. He should of been detained and deported. Why do illegal aliens come to this country illegally and expect to have the same rights as American citizens? They should not be allowed to abuse our court system. They should not be allowed to collect foodstamps and get free medical care. If you are in this country illegally, the only right you should have, is to be arrested, detained and deported.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Is it Racism

A Harris County Sheriff's Deputy recently formed a "Caucausian Law Enforcement Officer's Association". There is already established, an African American Law Officer's Association and a Latino Law Officer's Association. So, as whites are now in the minority, especially in local government, why not have an association to represent this new minority group. These associations are formed to supposedly help with issues facing their members in the Sheriff's Department. Now, those same associations cry Racism when an association is specifically formed to support White Officers in the same department. The demographics have changed and whites are the Minority, why shouldn't white people have the same chances at representation within their department as the blacks and hispanics? Black people claim to want equality, yet they expect special treatment and considerations. In the Houston Police Department, tests that are given for an officer to promote to a higher position, are dummied down so that the so called minorities will be able to pass the test. White Officers may score higher on the exams and be better qualified for the job, but their scores are dropped down as questions on the test that the Black officers consistently get wrong, are removed from the black officers total score. The reason given is because those black officers did not have the same priveleges growing up, therefore they have poor study habits and don't understand those particular questions. Promotions should be based on merit and performance and not color. If you want to be equal, be equal, study, work hard and earn your promotions and do not expect special treatment because of your race. Racism is on the rise in America, but it is against the whites.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Islamic Terrorists

Never has Obama more loudly declared his alliance with Islam, than last week when he declared that Islamic Terrorist should not be called Islamic Terrorist, they should simply be referred to as "Terrorist", and no Religion should be associated with thr word terrorist. Islamic Terrorist is what they are. Islamic Terrorist are who has declared war on America and it's ideals and freedoms. I have not seen Baptists Terrorist or Hindu Terrorist or Buddhist Terrorists out flying airplanes into buildings and killing thousands of people. Of the 7 major religions in this world, only one religion has sought to destroy and conquer the rest of the world. That religion is Islam and the Terrorist are most assuredly Islamic. Call them what they are, Islamic Terrorist.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bigger Guns

Obama has now announced to the World that the United States will not use their superior weaponry to defend themseves against attack by Third World Countries who do not have nuclear armaments. That is is akin to telling a burglar that you won't shoot him if he breaks into your house because you have a bigger better gun than he has. The threat of our defensive weapons is what keeps us safe. History has shown this to be true. Those who don't study history are doomed to repeat it. Obama has issued an invitation to our enemies to come forth and destroy us. Obama is on a path of destruction to destroy this nation.