Thursday, April 22, 2010

Grow up

I was listening to a conservative talk radio program where the topic was about the Government now trying to limit the amount of sodium that food manufacturers put in food. Just one more area where the government is trying to control our lives. A lot of liberals call into these programs. One woman was all for government intervention into our eating habits saying that people needed Government to help us so we would not eat ourselves to death. She said she is sick of watching everyone's poor eating habits. Another caller, a black male, stated that the government was just trying to help the people and keep them healthy. Now, I don't know at what point these people got the idea that the government is supposed to parent them but, I am an adult. I don't need a government watchdog to tell me what I can eat. Where will the control stop? What is next? Will the Government also try to tell us what to wear, what to drive, what to think? That is a parent's responsibility to an underage child, not the Government's control over free thinking people. Liberal Democrats want that control, they want Government intervention, they want the Government to take care of them. Grow up and be responsible for yourself. We need to limit Government and limit Government intrusion into our lives. This is after all America, Land of the Free.

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